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First-Class provides a range of interpreting services, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your or your business’s needs. Whether you need interpreters for conferences, meetings, court appearances or something else, we can offer highly qualified, professional language interpreters at short notice. High-quality headsets and sound equipment (microphones, mixing consoles, loudspeakers and others on request) can also be rented from First Class.

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting are the two main types of interpretation that are called for, though others are also available.

All of our interpreters are highly qualified and expert linguists from numerous fields of expertise.

Consecutive interpreting

This is the most common type of interpreting. In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter waits for a suitable break in speech from the source-language speaker before interpreting for the audience. The interpreter must be skillful in taking note of key information to ensure accuracy.

Simultaneous interpreting

This kind of task requires a more complicated arrangement and great skill. The interpreter speaks whilst simultaneously listening to and understanding the next sentence. Their interpretation is usually relayed over headphones at large conferences or other meetings or is voiced softly in smaller surroundings such as courtrooms, and is therefore ideal for such situations as conferences, forums, symposiums, workshops and professional meetings where there are many people speaking many different languages.

Other forms of interpreting

Telephone interpreting

Telephone interpreting is a simple way to instantly communicate your message. At First-Class, we use state-of-the-art technology to create a fast and reliable service, and unlike many of our competitors, we apply no maximum time limit to calls.

Escort interpreting

For field visits by foreign experts, or for research on any subject matter, an escort interpreter ensures barrier-free communication.

Focus group/marketing interpreting

In market research interviews or focus group discussions, our qualified and experienced interpreters assist you in eliciting useful responses.

Legal and court interpreting

The presence of one of our experienced interpreters with legal and court knowledge for any proceedings in a court of law or during legal discussions will ensure your interests are fairly represented. First-Class is resourceful in finding the most suitable interpreter for any case, whether civil or criminal.

Medical interpreting

A professional interpreter with medical expertise will facilitate communication between medical personnel, a patient and his or her family, and can assist with making any necessary arrangements.

Chat interpreting

First-Class offers a live chat interpreting service. We work with your instant messaging client, acting as a middleperson to provide real time interpreting between you and your client.

Summary interpreting

To facilitate the flow of your daily work and enable you to respond promptly, we offer a summary interpreting service. Our interpreter is able to paraphrase and condense statements while retaining their core meaning.

Interview interpreting

Interpreting at interviews or in consultation settings facilitates communication, enabling you to achieve your personal or business objectives. Interview interpreting may be performed in either or both the simultaneous and consecutive modes, depending on the circumstances.

All of our interpreters are highly qualified and expert linguists from numerous fields of expertise.

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